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Ways to Work with Heidi

Feeling Good Has Never

Anti-Competitive Micro-Nutrient Overview

Overview of your current lifestyle and supplements
  • This will give you the knowledge you need to connect the dots between micronutrient deficiency and the chronic health conditions and diseases you may be suffering from. After taking a Questionnaire outlining specific goals, health conditions, lifestyle and nutritional habits we will customize an individualized program that will get you on the road to micronutrient sufficiency and optimal health.

Individualized Cleanse Program

“Let Food Be Thy Medicine.” – Hippocrates
  • This is a 28-day cleanse program with varying levels depending on your history of cleanses

It’s All About You

Customized 30-day Program

Additional Guidance Sessions/Maintenance

Customized Sessions are available after you complete your Coaching Package. Heidi will discuss your options with you.

Awaken Your Goals Workshop

Free 30-minute workshop to awaken your goals in the areas you want growth. (Offered monthly)

What are your top 3 health, fitness, or financial goals? We will journal and discuss the direction you are looking to go.

There will be an interest sheet to fill out after for a Free 25-minute consultation with me to discuss and discover your goals further.

Online Interviews and Seminars

Offered throughout the year.

These will help enhance your total overall health and keep you in the healthy mindset.

You will receive notice when these are booked.



(928) 300-1761



(928) 300-1761